Software solutions to simplify the compliance and regulatory requirements

For financial institutions, tax regulatory bodies and governments.


Financial Institutions

Over 200 Financial Institutions, law firms, and corporate services providers of all types, sizes, and jurisdictions use our product: CRS/FATCA One for their reporting process of CRS and FATCA.


Tax Regulators

TWC's Tax Authority Compliance Software (TACS) provides a comprehensive modular platform to automatically exchange FATCA and OECD CRS, CbC, NTJ, MDR and ETR data types.

Financial Regulators

Financial Regulators

The AEOI audit solution for FI auditing is TWC's response to the growing needs of tax authorities to enforce compliance with FATCA and CRS by analyzing the accuracy of regulated FIs' data reporting.

Country by Country

Multinational Companies

The MNE Country by Country solution helps multinational companies with revenues of more than €750 million to collect baseline data and convert it into the relevant jurisdiction-specific reporting scheme.


About Us

What we do

TWC was founded in 2014 to assist financial institutions and governments through software that meets the needs of a rapidly changing compliance environment and pioneers CRS, FATCA, and BEPS compliance solutions. TWC is headquartered in Washington, DC, USA, and has a global team of experienced professionals to serve its international client base.



Trans World Compliance's software is based on the following fundamental principles:

  • Developing software from the user's perspective
  • Make software simple; regulatory compliance is complicated enough already
  • Develop automated software with fully secure transactions
  • Being technology-agnostic in a changing regulatory environment

Our Method

3-step Automated Process

TWC provides streamlined Regulatory Technology and top-notch multilingual support to help FIs, MNEs, and TAs worldwide to comply with international EOI tax regulations, mitigate regulatory and reputational risks, and significantly lower the total cost of compliance.



Upload the data



Remediate the errors



Report in time

My favorite group of people to work with in reporting time.

Jen ClaudioChief Operating Officer - ATC Brokers (Cayman)

“The team provided invaluable advice and assistance; I got such a personal service that I just haven’t got from other firms, saving me time and, most importantly, money”

Pablo EgasCompliance Officer Director - Banco Austro Ecuador

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